This plant is expected to start producing base versions of Tesla Model 3 in 4 months and reach a volume of 1,000+ per week in 7 months.

A little misty May 20, 2019 reveals the latest progress of the Tesla Gigafactory 3 construction in Shanghai.

Jason Yang explains in the video description:

"The external structure of the Tesla Gigafactory 3 is nearing completion, the accessory structure has already been installed, the waterproofing has been tested on different parts of the roof and will soon cover the entire roof.

The building should be ready by the end of this month and after that point we will not get many insights on the pace of further progress inside the building.

Here are few comments from the video, which shows how big the enthusiasm is that accompanies the project:

  • Greg Robson:
    China: Construction finished by end of May 2019
    Legacy car manufacturers: Cannot be done! Crazy timeline.
  • Financial Education:
    This is absolutely incredible! That was like a muddy field just a few months ago... To be built as this level is nothing short of amazing
  • ChrisK:
    In germany (Berlin) our government is trying to build an airport (BER) since 2006. They think they will finish this till 2020.
  • Lee Fazzani:
    Nice work! It's great to see how fast the factory is coming together.
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