Who needs a Service Center? Now you can change your Model 3 wiper blades or key fob battery yourself.

On Monday, Tesla posted a Do It Yourself guide that outlines some very basic maintenance and set up procedures for Model 3 owners. But don't get too excited about the prospect of performing complex repair and maintenance work on your Tesla. This guide mostly covers routine maintenance and basic troubleshooting tasks.

According to the automaker:

Tesla owners who wish to perform basic procedures or maintenance on their vehicle can do so without having to schedule a Service appointment. Only perform a procedure if you feel comfortable doing so, and always follow all provided instructions.

The procedures range from trivial to mildly complex. On the easy end of the spectrum, the guide provides simple set up procedures such as:

  • Pairing a Bluetooth Phone
  • Adding and Removing Keys
  • Checking and Adjusting Tire Pressures
  • Connecting to Wi-Fi

But there are also a few guides that could save you the effort of driving to a Service Center. Such as: 

  • Replacing Cabin Filter
  • Replacing Wiper Blades
  • Installing Front License Plate Bracket
  • Calibrating Windows
  • Removing and Installing Aero Covers
  • Removing and Installing Lug Nut Covers

The guide also includes helpful troubleshooting tips such as restarting the touchscreen and manually releasing the charge cable. The presentation of the guide is quite good, with simple instructions and helpful animated GIFs. This format might be unnecessary for something as straightforward as replacing a keyfob battery:

However, for more complex tasks such as replacing the cabin air filter? The clear, concise instructions combined with step by step animations make for a very user friendly user guide: 

This will obviously not satisfy gear heads who like to tweak and improve the performance of their ICE vehicles. In fact, very little listed here is more complex than what you might find in the owner's manual of another car. This makes sense, since an electric vehicle actually requires significantly less routine maintenance than a traditional automobile.

Even so, Tesla owners could save time and money if they tackle some of these simple jobs themselves. 

Source: CNET, Tesla