The Tesla short sellers parody video was a barrel of laughs and this one can be too, provided you look at it from the other side.

This anti-Tesla parody is so wrong that it'll make you laugh. Fortunately, we even have the original Tesla video, which was parodied here, to share.

As we all know, many Tesla owners end up adding several Teslas to their family's fleet. It's an addiction of sorts. Or perhaps it's just buying more of what's best. Regardless, as this video tries to show, the reason to own more than one Tesla has nothing to do with how excellent the car is, but rather it's all about presenting that status symbol.

We disagree with the points presented in the video, but it made us laugh, so we're sharing it here.

Video description via Only Z on YouTube:

After wrestling over who got to fly their private jet each day, Paige and her husband decided to buy two Tesla's.

As a mom/rich bitch, Paige needed vehicles that are not very practical but could turn heads from a mile away.

Below we've embedded the original video from Tesla upon which the parody video is based. Video description:

After wrestling over who got to drive their Model S each day, Paige and her husband decided to welcome a second Tesla into the family—Model X.

As a mom and video producer in Southern California, Paige needed a vehicle that could adapt to her ever-changing routine.

Whether she’s using her SUV as a mobile office or a family caravan, Model X helps Paige balance her unpredictable production schedule with her number one priority, family.



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