Tesla Autopilot to the rescue. It seems not a day goes by without Autopilot preventing some type of crash.

This particular incident shows Autopilot react to a car that veers into the lane occupied by the Tesla Model 3. The Model 3 driver notes that Autopilot immediately stepped in to slow his car to avoid a crash.

This type of cut-off occurrence is common, so to see the system respond accordingly is sure to be welcome news for Tesla owners. It's another Autopilot save.

Watch as this Tesla Model 3 avoids a crash thanks to the intervention of Autopilot. It's truly an amazing system and its ability to avoid crashes has been proven now time and time again.

Video description via renatosaurus on YouTube:

2018 LR RWD TM3 Autopilot AP2.5 - 2019.12.1.2

Los Angeles, CA-- getting cut off in LA (Saturday) Tesla Autopilot applied emergency brakes and saved me from a near crash.

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