TeslaCam proves yet again what most of us already know.

Many drivers on the road are ill-equipped to deal with even the most mundane driving tasks, whether it be from fatigue, distraction or some other effect.

What we see in the video is commonplace. A "common" driver (in one of the most popular vehicles sold in the U.S.) is driving "typically." Is this meant to serve as an argument for "self-driving" cars? Of course it is.

The fact that TeslaCam caught this incident live is NOT news. If you drive for a few hours a week in any large, metropolitan area you will no doubt encounter the same or similar type of incident. The takeaway here is that self-driving (or at least highly assisted driving) cars like Teslas are the future and the only way to ensure a safer driving experience is to remove poor drivers (distracted or otherwise) from the equation.

Now, if we could just get a significant portion of the population to agree and to eventually purchase vehicles with these self-driving abilities (of course, automakers must commit to making these systems standard too) then we'd all be at least a bit less likely to be involved in a crash /accident on the roadways.

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