Though the Rivian R1T electric pickup truck may be on the spotlight more often than its SUV counterpart, the Rivian R1S is no less stunning.

Adventure electric vehicle maker Rivian doesn't shy away from showing off what are essentially concept cars at this point. However, each of these concepts actually work and seem to be driven quite hard at times.

Recently, Rivian showed it R1T truck with a slick pull-out kitchen at Overland Expo. Now, it's time for the R1S to shine.

Just check out these new stunning images of the R1S. It's shots like these that make it hard to decide which Rivian product we find more compelling. Which one would you choose?

r1s puddle

From Rivian's Twitter:

The R1S never met a puddle it didn’t like. Thanks for the closeup, Tony Harmer.


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