Can a Tesla on Autopilot make its way around a track?

Testing Tesla Autopilot on a race track? Certainly, the system isn't designed for this type of usage, but it does provide us with some entertaining footage to share.

Can a Tesla Model S on Autopilot make its way around a race track for a full 90 seconds without driver intervention? Sure it can, (any Tesla can) but can it do so without slamming into a wall or driving off the course?

To find out, Automotive Woman took a Model S to Canadian Tire Motorsport Park and was joined by a pro driver who timed the Autopilot usage. The goal was simple: Go 90 seconds on Autopilot without touching the controls to take over. Though a simple goal, accomplishing such a feat is not for the faint of heart while at speed on a track.

Watch the video to find out what happens. We'd advise you don't attempt this stunt on your own. 

Video description via Automotive Woman on YouTube:

Ever wonder what happens when you put a Tesla Model S in autopilot around a race track?

Being a control freak, I’m not even confident I can last through this #90secCHALLENGE to see if the Tesla can remain off the wall at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park.

Professional Race Car Driver, Daniel Morad (@danielmorad) joins me again as co-driver, to ensure I don’t cheat in this epic challenge.

Special THANK YOU to my friend Adam, who graciously entrusted me with his Tesla, however, you have to WATCH the full video to see if I left it undamaged, and my VISA card intact. And, once again THANK YOU to 6th Gear ( for the complimentary track time.


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