The EQC is a heavy car, but it can stop quicker than one might think, especially since it will do so automatically

During the media presentation of the EQC in Norway, Mercedes-Benz conducted active safety demonstrations. The EQC turns out to be very safe, according to test results.

In several runs recorded by Javier Mota, the EQC was tested in a highway scenario in rainy conditions and proved it can break automatically in both the standing obstacles scenario and moving scenario when the preceding car is slower. The system is smart enough to not stop the EQC completely, just limit the speed to a minimum level so it would decrease the probability that the EQC will be rear-ended.


More active safety action (including evasive steering assist and automatic braking to not hit a child or bicycle) can be seen in B-Roll video (3:30), which explains also the EV platform and shows beautiful footage.


And here are the most recent photos of the EQC:

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