Let's take an older Tesla Model S with Autopilot 1 and compare it to a new Tesla Model 3 with Autopilot 2.5. Sounds like a good plan for sure, right? Well, to make it even more interesting, the testing takes place on a difficult two-lane canyon road. While we don't advise using Autopilot on this type of road, it's clear to see how much the system has improved over time.

Watch as the two Autopilot drives are compared on video in a side-by-side format. Then, let us know your experiences with Tesla Autopilot. It would be fantastic to hear from folks that used the semi-autonomous technology in an older Tesla prior to experiencing it after one of the more recent updates.

It appears Tesla is well on its way to readying its Full Self-Driving technology. We're just wondering how much longer it will take before the system is ready and what the regulatory approval situation will look like.

Video Description via TESLOOP on YouTube:

Tesla Autopilot 1 vs. 2.5 Canyon Driving

With Tesla's announcement of the coming FSD computer and chip upgrade at Autonomy Day we wanted to test the existing Autopilot 1 vs 2.5 technology with our 2015 Model S and 2018 Model 3.

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