How does this Tesla Model 3 fare with Navigate on Autopilot in challenging situations with no confirmation?

Now that Tesla's Navigate on Autopilot feature has undergone another substantial update, it's high time to see exactly how it reacts. Thankfully, Tesla owner and YouTuber Scott Kubo does a solid job of showing off the feature while providing a nice narrative. The best part is, he doesn't ramble on and on, which keeps the video short and concise.

In this video, Kubo shows his Tesla Model 3 changing lanes on its own, without any driver confirmation. Moreover, there's some debris on the road that appears as though it's left over from a previous accident.

How does the Model 3 fare when it comes to actually switching lanes actively? Could it happen sooner and more aggressively with another update? Does the debris impact the car's decision-making process?

Watch the short video to find out. Also, we'd love to hear from you about your recent experiences with the new Tesla semi-autonomous tech. Let us know in the comment section below.

Video Description via Scott Kubo on YouTube:

Lane Changes and Road Debris - Tesla Nav on Autopilot w/o confirmation

(v9 2019.8.5) Navigate on Autopilot w/o confirmation lane changes in Los Angeles highway traffic. Autopilot encounter with road debris.

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