Tesla Accounted For 78% Of All-Electric Car Sales In U.S. In April

Tesla's result in April: 56% of all plug-ins sold and 78% of all BEVs.

Tesla Model S, Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model X Tesla Model S, Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model X

Tesla raised a lot of questions after the losses in the first quarter, but when we see the sales results in the U.S. for the past month, it turns out that sales doubled year-over-year.

In April, Tesla sold some 11,925 electric cars (InsideEVs’ estimation), which is 98% more than a year ago.

Growth of sales is driven by the Model 3, but the Model S/X could also rebound after the new upgraded version was introduced.

Tesla results:

Important thing is that Tesla represents some 56% of total plug-in electric car sales in the U.S. in April.

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In the case of the all-electric car segment, Tesla’s share increased to 78%!

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In total, Tesla already sold more than 394,000 cars in the U.S. and the Model 3 is the top-selling car with a cumulative result of over 174,000.

Sales during the past 12-months amounted to over 209,000.

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Sales results of particular models:

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