Rivian created huge amounts of excitement during the LA Auto Show last December when the adventure-oriented electric vehicle brand officially launched and showed the world its first two impressive prototypes, along with its skateboard platform. Suddenly, there was a new automotive startup on the landscape with a viable-looking plan and unique, compelling products. 

We saw the interest generated by the event manifest itself on the InsideEVs Forum. Lots of people signed up to take part in discussions about the R1T, an electric pickup truck, and the R1S, an electric SUV, many of them pre-order customers.

To give Rivian fans an even better experience, we've now developed a stand-alone Forum for the brand's faithful called RivianChat which we're officially launching today. Here, Rivian enthusiasts can develop their own community and keep up to date on all the goings-on with the company as it grows and works toward churning out awesome vehicles from its Illinois factory next year.

Head On Over To RivianChat

If you've previously participated in the Rivian section of the InsideEVs Forum, your account is already set up for you on RivianChat and ready for your fresh posts. Not the talkative type, but still interested in keeping up to date? Bookmark the site. As you can see, we're updating the front page with all the news about the company and its vehicles as it comes in.

You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter, where we will be letting you know about the more interesting discussions happening on the Forum. If you haven't already, come on by and sign up to be a part of the adventure.

Gallery: Rivian R1S et R1T


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