One of the Tesla Model 3 drivers - Raghu Konka - recently highly appreciated Tesla Autopilot when the advanced drive-assist system immediately evaded a truck on the highway.

We saw such avoidance maneuvers at least several times in the past, but this one is pretty clear.

"My Model 3 saved my family from a crash today. A pickup in my right lane suddenly jumped into my lane and see how this guy reacted. It is amazing. @Tesla @elonmusk .. can't thank enough. @teslaownersSV"

Well, many people are skeptical about driver-assist systems, because the system requires the driver's attention all the time. It's not autonomous. However, the ability to react quickly and evade other cars entering a lane has proven now that automation of driving has the potential to greatly reduce the risk of a crash.

Furthermore, those who experienced their own car avoiding a crash will be probably the biggest supporters of Tesla and Tesla Autopilot for years and years to come.

Here is the video:


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