Thanks to a recent power boost, the Model 3 is now even quicker.

Whether or not that made the difference in this race is questionable though. However, the result is an unexpected beatdown.

The mighty Ferrari 458 is simply no match for the electric zip of the Tesla Model 3 Performance and here's your video proof of that.

We believe that the Ferrari would likely win if the race was a quarter-mile long, but in this 1/8-mile dash, the Model 3 comes out on top. However, if the Ferrari was matched up against the Tesla Model S P100D in the quarter-mile, it's likely the Tesla would come out on top.

In related racing action, our recently published video of the Chevy Camaro eCopo electric popping a massive wheelie is surely worth a watch too. Electric torque is an amazing thing to see put to use.

Video description:

Model 3 has the new 5% power boost (Thanks Elon). Finished the 1/8 mile with a 7.4 pass and the Ferrari finished with a 7.6 pass.

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