A wheel stand in an electric car. The hugely powerful electric Chevrolet eCopo Camaro pops a massive wheelie. Then, as it attempts to set down and blaze down the strip, it gets a bit sideways and out of control. Best of all, you can watch it all right here.

This isn't the first run ever down a race track by the 2019 Chevrolet eCOPO and it's far from it best. The Camaro eCop set an amazing time of 9.837 seconds awhile back. This run is ragged, so it's nowhere near that figure, but the wheelie sure is impressive.

Video description:

When the eCOPO gets some air!

#WheelsUpWednesday presented by Allegiant.

Some back on this hugely impressive electric Chevy:

The eCOPO is the first electric concept production race car produced by General Motors.

This all new 800-volt battery packed race car has two BorgWarner HVH motor assemblies and produces over 780 lb-ft. of torque and over 780 horsepower! 

Watch the video by clicking play here. The wheelie is sure to impress. That’s electric instant torque for ya, though the landing isn't nearly as impressive.


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