Teslacam once again proves how useful it is.

This time the Teslacam camera assists in catching a driver that backed into a Tesla Model 3.

Luckily, the damage was minor as was the crash (bump), but the built-in dashcam camera proves who is at fault. And it's that type of usefulness that makes a standard dashcam such an excellent tool.

In this situation, the at-fault driver can't claim to be otherwise, as the video clearly proves which of the two drivers caused the crash.

In more extreme situations, we've seen Teslcam catch major wrecks and even some serious road rage, but this video is more or less the everyday level of usefulness you'd expect from Teslacam and its accompanying Sentry Mode.

Video description:

Caught this accident of someone hitting my Tesla Model 3 on the built-in dashcam; not to be confused with Sentry Mode.

The dashcam records through the same cameras as Sentry Mode but does so while driving the car.

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