Tesla drivers watch as their vehicles move in and out of parking spaces with the company's Summon mode.

What's more exciting than seeing one Tesla engaged in Summon Mode? If your answer is a dozen of them, then the Tesla Owners Club of Greater Houston has you covered.

In what the group called the "world's largest Tesla Summon race," YouTube user Efrain Ayllon posted a video earlier this month of about 12 Teslas parked in a large lot while drivers stood in front of them and enabled Summon Mode to move them in and out of the perpendicular spaces.

While parking assistants are quickly spreading to new cars, Tesla has been a significant promoter of them as they fit in with its Autopilot driver assistance package the company is also widely touting. CEO Elon Musk spurred more interest last week as he promised widespread Enhanced Autopilot updates being pushed to vehicles in the U.S. That change would allow users to pinpoint specific locations to summon the Tesla to, without anyone being behind the wheel, as well as the ability for the system to understand parking restriction signage.

And with Tesla continuing to develop Summon Mode to the excitement of its growing fanbase, what's to say this Texas Tesla Summon Race won't have its record broken tomorrow? At least there's something else all of the empty mall parking lots in the U.S. can be used for.

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