It's increasingly clear that the guys at Autoline love to talk Tesla Model 3.

It's time for another episode of Autoline After Hours, and this one offers plenty of EV talk. More specifically, it begins with Sandy Munro on China's version of the Tesla Model 3. Later in the episode, Munro shares his very compelling "Model 3 charts." Finally, while the show is supposed to come to an end, there's a rapid fire Model 3 question-and-answer session.

We realize that these episodes are long, and most people don't have time to watch them in their entirety. Plus, not all of the segment pertains to EVs. Fortunately, Autoline has included the topics and time stamps in the video description below.

Check it out and provide us with your insight in the comment section.

Video Description via Autoline Network on YouTube:

Sandy Munro Talks About Tesla in China - Autoline After Hours 458

SPECIAL GUEST: Sandy Munro, Munro & Associates

TOPICS: 01:50 - Tesla Model 3, China's Version (InsideEVs Editor's note: This topic actually begins around the 5:10-mark) 36:34 - Doctor Data 40:37 - Ford's China 2.0 program 48:03 - Toyota Patents on Electrification 50:00 - Sandy's Tesla Model 3 charts 1:06:26 - Rapid Fire: Model 3 Questions

PANEL: - Frank Markus, MotorTrend - Gary Vasilash, Automotive Design & Production - John McElroy,

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