Please bring tech like Tesla Sentry Mode to all cars ... and soon!

When Tesla first launched its Sentry Mode, we were excited and impressed. However, we'll be honest to say that we didn't realize its true potential. Now that it has been around for a bit of time, we're happy to share and report that it's pretty awesome. Clearly, in today's crazy world, all automakers should work to eventually implement such a system. While it seems so simple, this technology is proving its worth in more ways than one.

As you can see from the video above, Tesla's Sentry Mode caught a thief once again. This brazen (and seemingly unaware) criminal was attempting his exploits in broad daylight. Sadly for him, the Tesla owner has a saved and shareable video of his face, as well as the license plate number of the getaway car.

The situation occurred about a week ago, on the Embarcadero near Levi’s Plaza in San Francisco, CA. Fortunately, there was nothing in the car to steal. However, unfortunately, the Tesla Model 3 sedan's rear-quarter window was punched out. While we don't have any official verification, an update to the YouTube comment section says that the criminal has been arrested:

San Francisco Police confirmed they were able to arrest a suspect, 21-year old Jeremiah Jefferson on second-degree burglary charges and a probation violation.

Video Description via Jed Franklin on YouTube:

Tesla Model 3 break-in recorded with Sentry Mode

Tesla model 3 break-in recorded with Sentry mode cameras. Incident occurred on 4/3/19 on the Embarcadero near Levi’s plaza in San Francisco. Nothing to steel but damage was done to the car. Broken rear quarter window.

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