BYD recently delivered a BYD 8R Class 8 Automated Side Loader (ASL) all-electric collection truck to Waste Resources, which will use it in the City of Carson, California.

According to the Chinese manufacturer, it's the first refuse truck put into service for residential collection operation in Southern California. It will be on display at the Advanced Clean Transportation Expo (April 23-26).

The propulsion system was specifically designed for the refuse collection application by BYD, while the ASL body was built by Amrep, a Wastequip company.

Thanks to its zero-emission and silent powertrain, it highly improves the comfort of living in the area so hopefully more of those will soon enter service nationwide.

The Waste Resources already ordered three more - one BYD 8R Class 8 and two smaller BYD 6R Class 6.

"BYD Electric Trucks are clean and quiet, and with less vibration than conventional, this gives the operators a better driving experience. With fewer moving parts than carbon-burning trucks, the BYD All-Electric trucks are easier to maintain and more cost effective to operate.

John Gerra, BYD Director of Business Development, Electric Trucks said:

“Waste Resources is a forward-thinking company that is embracing zero emission technology for the benefit of the communities it serves. And we’re very happy with the great work that Amrep does to help provide our customers with state-of-the-art zero-emission electric trucks.”

Eric Mattson, Amrep vice president and general manager said:

“Amrep has earned a reputation for its unsurpassed and personal service, listening to customers and standing by its products. Partnering with BYD on this electric truck is further evidence of our being in tune with the market and giving customers what they want and need.”

Here is another BYD electric refuse truck in the California Bay Area:


Source: BYD via Green Car Congress

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