Carlos Ghosn hints at a conspiracy within Nissan

Carlos Ghosn (former Nissan CEO and leader of Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance as well as the man behind the Nissan LEAF) who was arrested on November 19, 2018 and kept in detention in Japan since then (with a short period of being on bail before re-arrested under new allegations) released a video message.

The message was released in this way because Ghosn was not able to hold his earlier announced press conference.

Ghosn said that he is innocent and links the entire case to conspiracy and some people ("those people are known" and a "few executives"), who had fear about the autonomy of Nissan within the Alliance.

Because of the poor performances of the company (under new CEO Hiroto Saikawa since April 1, 2017) and lack of vision for Nissan and the Alliance, Ghosn expressed also that he is worried about the future of his work (of saving Nissan 20 years ago and creating the Alliance).

The last thing is the hope to have a fair trial, but according to Ghosn, his lawyers are not too optimistic.

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