Model 3 is a driver's car

Since the Tesla Model 3 deliveries went full swing in Europe, AutoTopNL had a chance to test drive the Performance version of the Model 3 with a focus on performance.

The Point Of View (POV) video includes a general overview of the car as well as a test drive on the road (with an acceleration test too) and on the highway (top speed resulted in 248 km/h/154 mph).

Overall, AutoTopNL is super impressed with the car and notes that especially in its price range, it is hard to find any car that is better overall.

The driving experience steals the hearts of car enthusiasts as Model 3 handles great, has impressive steering, tons of torque and great grip - everything is silent too. Well, maybe the seats are not as supportive on sides as they should be in a Performance version, but the gripes seem rather minor.

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