Potholes update requested

Potholes are one of the concerns for Tesla Autopilot users, as well as those who drive manually and know how many times it's needed to avoid the potholes within a lane, or sometimes even by entering other lanes.

Whether the computer will be able to address the issue with imperfect roads is questionable. Well, in theory, it should be possible and recently Elon Musk answered "Definitely" on a customer request: "awesome job on AP... Really love it. Have one feature request. Swerve the car where possible within a lane, to avoid small potholes to increase tire life."


His answer doesn't imply that the request can be implemented. Rather, it suggests that Musk agrees such a feature would be very beneficial and useful. We agree with that, but will a future iteration of Autopilot be able to accomplish this task?

Here are a few examples of Tesla Autopilot versus potholes:

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