Whoops. That didn't go as expected.

It took just one missed turn and the Tesla Model 3 slid across the slick surface before smashing to a stop. The damage is noticeable, but it seems somewhat minor at first glance.

YouTube Bjorn Nyland is accustomed to pushing his Teslas to and past the limits. Now it seems he's done it again. A previous excursion saw Bjorn damaging his Model X while trying to off-road with it. This one in the new Model 3 is a bit more tame. Nyland simply overdrives the car and slides off course into a rather solid snow bank. The damage is more than just cosmetic though, as you'll see when several individuals begin inspecting the car up close.

Bjorn had just sold his Tesla Model X to take delivery of the Model 3. So, although he doesn't seem too upset at the damage, we're certain he's crying a bit on the inside. Will another long service wait lie ahead for Bjorn? We'll surely find out in the videos to follow.

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