The parking assistance technology has been teased for months now, but soon it will roll out to the masses.

After seemingly endless promises and videos, Tesla appears to be poised to push its Enhanced Summon feature to its cars this week. And the Enhanced Summon feature is expected to be a showcase of even more advancements coming soon to cars equipped with Autopilot.

CEO Elon Musk said in a Tweet Saturday that it was coming, which is the biggest indication so far. Back in October, Musk said it was coming in six weeks. But the system did not receive regulatory approval in the U.S. until January. He also said it would be rolled out in other markets as governing agencies in those areas approved it.

Enhanced Summon allows drivers to prompt their Tesla to leave its parking space and move to where they are without anyone being behind the wheel. It can also be summoned to a specific pinpoint through the app. It is only available on Teslas equipped with Enhanced Autopilot. In October, Musk said the system would be able to read parking restriction signs and determine whether or not the car would be allowed to park there without being ticketed or towed, but it's unclear if that's part of the planned first push.

It will be the second change to Enhanced Autopilot this month, following an update that allows automatic lane changes when the system is engaged. While summon features aren't new, Tesla's update may significantly improve the system's usefulness to some consumers.

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