First seen in static images and now appearing on video.

These two versions of the Rivian R1S electric SUV are hardcore to the extreme. Just a few tweaks here and there make the R1S look quite mean.

The Rivian electric pickup truck seems to capture all of the headlines, but the R1S electric 7-seat SUV is equally impressive. While the R1T truck may be the real game changer (due mostly to America's love of the pickup), the R1S should be a hot seller too when it launches within the next two years.

So, for those of you wondering what the R1S would look like if fitted with some proper backwoods gear, well wonder no more. The R1S' simple lines and clean appearance go out the door when fitted with parts like chunky tires, roof-mounted lights and more. But it sure does look outdoorsy now.

See the rendered R1S in video form right above here. Note there are some new angles and looks in this short clip that we haven't previously seen. And take a look back at the images posted by InsideEVs here.

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