Tesla Autopilot versus a house and a big pool.

These edge-case scenarios are always the most difficult for any self-driving system. However, situations such as this will be encountered from time to time. Therefore, it's worthwhile knowing how your Tesla on Autopilot might react under such circumstances.

In the video above, Tesla Autopilot attempts a pass of what we'll call a big pool. The pools irregular shape may present a problem for Autopilot.

In the video below, the scenario is likely more common. Tesla Autopilot is attempting a pass on a semi that towing part of a house.

Each situation is unique and this is precisely why it's so difficult to get Autopilot to function perfectly. We should point out that these two videos were captured prior to the newest release of Autopilot, which Musk himself says is "epic."

Let's watch and see how Tesla Autopilot handles some oversized loads like part of a house and a pool out on a two-lane freeway.

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