Quality and safety concerns quoted as a reason

At the turn of the month March/April, ChargePoint has temporarily remotely shut down approximately 159 ChargePoint Express 200 DC fast chargers in its network in North America, after receiving notification from the manufacturer about a potential product issue with "quality and safety".

The enigmatic press release doesn't explain what exactly is the issue, but it could be anything. The chargers are produced by Tritium in Australia and rated at 50 kW with CHAdeMO and CCS Combo 1 plugs.

"ChargePoint has been notified of a potential product issue involving its CPE200 fast charging station in North America. The quality and safety of our charging solutions are our highest priority. An investigation into the matter was opened immediately and is currently underway. ChargePoint is working closely with the station manufacturer to identify a solution to the matter as quickly as possible.

Approximately 159 CPE200 charging stations are potentially affected by the issue. Today, there are more than 1,200 fast chargers on the ChargePoint network, the overwhelming majority of which are not affected. In the interest of customer satisfaction and safety, ChargePoint has notified owners of affected stations and remotely shut them down until a solution to the matter is identified.

ChargePoint is committed to ensuring that the performance of solutions on its network provide a safe and seamless experience for drivers. The company is working quickly to resolve the matter and get affected stations back online as quickly and safely as possible.

In the meantime, affected drivers are encouraged to visit the ChargePoint app or www.chargepoint.com to find alternate DC or AC stations available."

According to Electric Revs, the chargers potentially affected by the issue are one of the newest, as the older Tritium Veefil-RT chargers in the ChargePoint network are still online.

Earlier this year other charging networks experienced problems with potentially dangerous liquid-cooled cables and also shut down the chargers until the manufacturer confirmed that everything was safe.

Source: ChargePoint, Electric Revs

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