The Model 3 is following in the footsteps of its big brother.

We're accustomed to the Tesla Model S P100D beating basically every single car it lines up against. However, the Model 3 is not quite the speed machine that the Model S is known to be.

Regardless, the Tesla Model 3 has put out its fair share of beatdowns too and this latest one sees the Subaru WRX STI as no match for the Model 3.

Flip forward to the 6:58 mark in the video to catch the race featuring the Tesla and the Subaru. Interestingly, the AWD Subaru just can't seem to get off the line (maybe a missed shift?) like the Model 3 can. Chalk that up to instant electric torque versus that laggy gas engine. The Model 3's single-speed transmission shines in situations such as this too. Even the Subies turbo isn't enough to propel it past the Model 3. For the Model 3, it's just mash the pedal and off you go.

Video description:

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