About 0.7% of car sales in Germany were Teslas

Thanks to volume deliveries of the Tesla Model 3, in March new car registrations of Tesla in Germany increased 453% year-over-year to a new all-time record of 2,367.

We don't know the exact numbers yet (full report is coming later this month), but it seems that more than 2,000 Model 3 were delivered.

The result of 2,367 cars is not only a significant 0.7% of the overall German market, but also close to the 2,723 registrations noted by Porsche (down 9.5%). It seems that the first serious bridgehead was conquered and now Tesla has a chance to expand.

Here are few brands that Tesla beat in Germany past month:

  • Jaguar - 987
  • Jeep - 1,779
  • Honda - 1,858
  • Land Rover - 2,222
Source: Bloomberg, KBA

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