The Tesla Model 3 is surely no slouch on the twisty track.

People continue to complain about the handling prowess of the Tesla Model S and Model X. It's by no means bad, especially for a family sedan and a large crossover. Tesla didn't design either car as a sports car, though both are ridiculously quick. Ever since Tesla's two flagship vehicles emerged and have been destroying gas-powered cars on the straight-away, skeptics have asserted that the cars just can't keep up when it comes to true track driving. Many rivals' models are just more nimble and boast greater endurance.

Tesla has provided a solution to the above concerns in the form of its Tesla Model 3. Sure, it's also quick off the line, but where it really shines is in a track situation. This is because it's impressively agile and can go on and on without worry of the battery overheating. Erik Strait enjoyed the unique opportunity to be a passenger in his own Model 3 Performance while Motor Trend's Randy Pobst took the car out for some track racing.

Needless to say, Pobst was enamored with the car and Erik was blown away by the experience. Specifically, Pobst notices all the legendary vehicles at the track and points out that the "plain" Model 3 fits right in.

Video Description via DAErik on YouTube:

Professional Driver For Motor Trend; Randy Pobst Racing My Tesla Model 3!

We tried some different Unplugged Performance parts on 4 different cars at Tesla Corsa. Randy tested my car with the UnpluggedPerformance super performance springs. After getting in some great solo laps (videos coming soon) he was able to take me around the track a few times! What an experience. Huge Thanks to Tesla Corsa - Next event announcement soon! (

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