Watch this Tesla Model X get put to the test on a tough off-road track.

We've shared videos of the Tesla Model X off-roading before. However, many people have said that it wasn't "real" off-roading. We're not sure what the definition of "real" is here, but we agree that we've seen other vehicles put through tougher conditions. When we drove the Jaguar I-Pace in Portugal, the conditions were far more challenging than anything we've seen a Tesla tackle ... until now.

The guys over at Teslicka CZ took a Model X out for testing on an actual off-road test track at Czech Motorland. As you can see from the videos, it's very wet and muddy. There are significant ruts filled with deeper water. As the videos go on, you'll notice some nice uphill and downhill challenges, which the Model X handles with ease.

At times, the Model X gets stuck, just like we imagine any car would. However, its instant power, all-wheel drive, and advanced traction control system enable it to fight its way out fairly easily. We've included a second, brief video below.

Are you an off-road aficionado? What do you think? Let us know in the comment section below.

Video Description Teslicka CZ on YouTube:

Tesla Model X OFFROAD SPECIAL 2 (by MartinEasy and by Marko Iglić)

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