It really drives autonomously

Time passes and Tesla still attracts tons of onlookers whenever it introduces something new. The latest Enhanced Summon maybe isn't that usable of a feature (hopefully it will be in the future) but does exactly what the company needs - attracts attention.

Here is another Tesla Model 3 demo (at the Portland Tesla Owners Club meetup) of Enhanced Summon, in which the owner of the car additionally changes positions on the parking lot - so the car needs to adapt to the new position. It looks almost like walking a dog who follows owner.

By the way, at 50% faster pace (you can change speed of the video in settings to 1.5), the Model 3 seems to be driving quickly enough, while at double speed (2x) it would be probably quicker than average driver.

You will not find this type of attention-grabbing with other models like the Nissan LEAF or even some premium models like the Jaguar I-PACE.

When you see all those people who badly want to check out another Tesla trick, it reminds us of the good old times when the first-generation Tesla Roadster was demonstrated:


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