It's amazing to see how these guys react as they're introduced to a Tesla Model 3 for the first time.

YouTube channel i1Tesla comes up with a unique plan. Pick up a few salesmen from a traditional automotive dealership and take them for a ride in a Tesla Model 3. There's a camera inside the car, so you get to listen to their long list of questions, as well as their surprise and excitement about the car.

We find it fascinating to learn how little they know and how much they have to say. This is further proof that while Tesla vehicles are very popular, many people really have no clue exactly what they offer and how they work.

In our space, there's no doubt Tesla is extremely well-known. Mainstream media covers the company heavily. In fact, no other automaker is in the headlines as much as Tesla. However, much of the press is either negative, missing details, or more geared toward Tesla's financial situation and/or its outspoken CEO Elon Musk, rather than the cars themselves (unless there's a problem, of course).

For these reasons, the general public has been arguably trained to form mixed opinions about Tesla. In addition, it seems many people are still unaware of the company in general, along with most specific details about its vehicles.

At any rate, we encourage you to check out the video. It's not too long and it's definitely worth a watch (or just a listen, really). Once you've watched it, drop us a comment below.

Video Description via i1Tesla on YouTube:

Best Tesla Reaction Video Ever

Went to a dealership to show them a real car. Greatest reaction to the Model 3 Yet.

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