It's fun, but the slow speed would irritate other drivers

Here is a new set of videos presenting the Tesla Model 3 in Summon Mode (the Enhanced Summon, which enables one to summon the car from one point of the parking lot to another where the driver is located), provided by Going ALL Electric.

The Enhanced Summon amazes onlookers because not only can the car be summoned autonomously in the parking but also it is able to deal (at least to some degree) with passing other vehicles and recognize obstacles.

The main drawback of the Enhanced Summon is the slow speed compared to manual driving - an aspect that would need to be addressed to make it useful on a daily basis.

More videos:

Tesla Enhanced Summon | Looking at the Details

In this video I go over my recent enhanced summon videos breaking down what I think the Tesla is "seeing". Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Tesla Model 3 | Enhanced Summon | Pickup at restaurant entrance

Model 3 drives from the parking lot to the restaurant entrance. Sorry for the wind noise...

Tesla Model 3 | Enhanced Summon | In a busy parking lot

Sorry for the dark video. This Model 3 did a super job with this enhanced summon feature currently only out for beta. What I’ve seen is that the speed of the car has increase from videos I’ve seen last week.

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