Jay Leno is a known Tesla fan for life. He shares more in this recent USA Today interview.

Comedian and famed talk show host, Jay Leno loves cars in general. In fact, he retired from his late-night talk show gig to focus more on his car-collecting passion, among other things. Leno started his series, "Jay Leno's Garage" back in 2015, and it's still running today. The show surely doesn't focus on electric vehicles, but in comparison to other, similar gearhead shares, Leno's is well ahead of the curve.

The above video is a recent, brief interview with Jay on USA Today. Being that Leno loves gas cars, his super-positive opinion about Tesla is extra special. Not to mention the fact that he owns a whole stable of cars for comparison, in addition to owning a Tesla Model S and a 1909 Baker Electric. While Leno admits that most cars today are "pretty good," he truly believes that ICE cars will eventually disappear (perhaps before today's newborns turn 18). He also says that 1,000 miles of EV range is probably doable.

Check out the short video and then share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

Video Description via Elon Musk News & Video on YouTube:

Jay Leno on Tesla and Electric Cars - "I have A Tesla, It's The Future" 2019 Interview

Jay Leno on Tesla and Electric Cars - "I have A Tesla, It's The Future". In this 2019 Interview, Jay Leno talks about the future of cars, electric cars and his own Tesla model S. This is an interview with Jay Leno USA Today. This Tesla news update is one of the many I post each day. Jay Leno electric cars believes in it and I believe Jay Leno Tesla model 3 as well. Stay tuned to Elon Musk News and Video for the latest Tesla news 2019.

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