The new Kia Soul EV is ready to take you off the road.

Ever wonder what the new Kia Soul Electric would look like with a stretched wheelbase? How about one that can accommodate 6 knobby tires designed for rugged offroad use? No? Neither did we, but luckily we still don't have to wonder what one would look like though because here it is.

This render shows a rad and radical off-road Soul EV that lacks ready to tackle all types of terrain. A Kia with true dirt busting abilities? Sure, why not.

Imagined as an April Fool's day prank, shared this image of the 6x6 Soul EV with InsideEVs and were thrilled to pass it along to our readers in jest. It kinda makes you chuckle a bit, doesn't it. The cute, tiny Soul gets some real bulk and might with those chunky tires and a slightly more aggressive outside appearance.

Is that a Soul EV pickup truck? Oh my. One can only dream for the day that this becomes reality, right?


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