After years with an S and X, Bjørn Nyland is switching to a 3

Bjørn Nyland recently discussed the necessity to sell his Tesla Model X and considerations about his next electric car (video below), which needs not only to be good for daily use and longer trips, but also equipped with all the new features to stay relevant in the blogging business.

The choice fell on the Tesla Model 3, because it has excellent range, performance, efficiency, fast charging and offers all the latest tech.

In the first video, Bjørn Nyland presents the ordering process and consideration behind which particular version of Model 3 and options.

Bjørn Nyland's Model 3:

  • Performance (all-wheel drive, Long Range)
  • White (looks cool)
  • Black interior (because of the jeans)
  • Autopilot (obvious)
  • Full Self-Driving Capability option (required if you want be a Tesla blogger)
Bjørn Nyland - I'm going to sell Optimus Prime video:

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