Includes 3 plug-in hybrids and 2 electric cars.

There are three fuel-burning models, three DM models and two EV models hitting the market at the event. Fuel-burning models, including the BYD Tang six-seater, the Qin Pro and the new Song MAX, are priced from RMB79,900 to RMB159,900. Three DM models, namely, the BYD Tang DM six-seater, the Qin Pro DM super performance and the Song MAX DM, are priced from RMB136,900 to RMB279,900. The prices of two EV models—the Tang EV and the Yuan EV535, range between RMB109,900 and RMB359,900.

In the meantime, BYD officially started to accept orders of the BYD Qin EV super performance with presale prices ranging from RMB190,000 to RMB200,000.

The Tang EV basically retains the exterior and interior design of the existing Tang DM. The Tang EV 600D is powered by an 82.8kWh ternary-lithium battery pack that offers a combined driving range of 500km and a maximum range of 600km.

The all-new Tang EV will be offered as two powertrain variants—two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive. The four-wheel-drive Tang EV600D is equipped with two electric motors at the front and rear axles with a combined output up to 360kW and peak torque of 660N.m. Thanks to this powertrain, it can sprint from 0-100km/h within 4.4 seconds.

The BYD Qin Pro EV super performance is outfitted with BYD’s latest high-performance ternary-lithium battery pack with a capacity up to 69.5kWh. Thanks to the highly efficient high-voltage system, reasonable control strategy and efficient energy recycling technologies, the new EV model can achieve a NEC-rated range up to 520km and top range of 650km.

The all-new Yuan EV535 also grabbed attention of many viewers with its driving range up to 535km, BYD’s DiLink intelligent-connected system and OTA upgrade.

Source: Gasgoo

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