Take a look at one of the few physical controls inside the Tesla Model 3

One of the most significant attributes of the inside of the Tesla Model 3 is that it's largely devoid of physical controls. Apart from window switches, a pair of column stalks and the steering wheel, everything is predominantly controlled through the imposing 15-inch touchscreen mounted in the center of the dashboard.

YouTube-r RoyBoyPoly, who claims to be a former Tesla intern, takes a deep dive into the Tesla Model 3 (and Model Y) steering wheel. And even the steering wheel is notable for its simplicity compared even to Tesla's Model S and Model X offerings.

There are just two rocker switches on the three-spoke wheel that control various functions for things like the radio and the Autopilot system, depending on which function the driver has selected from the central screen. Which means that once the steering wheel is dismantled by removing a few screws, there isn't much there considering how many tasks the two little switches have to perform in the vehicle.

Of particular note is the Tesla branding on the electronic modules, which almost appears to be the automaker's way of bragging that they're finally getting rid of the legacy Mercedes-Benz parts that appeared on the Model S and Model X – dating back to when Daimler owned a stake of Tesla.

Video description from RoyBoyPoly:

This is a teardown of my favorite conversation piece, my Tesla Model 3/Model Y steering wheel. This was gifted to me by a friend of mine that I made at Tesla during my internship years.

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