BYD joins the 100 MWh ESS club (in a single installation)

BYD, together with Pireos Capital, will deploy one of the world's largest battery energy storage system of 100 MWh in Mexico. The new ESS will use BYD's LiFePO4 lithium-ion battery cells.

The installation will be integrated with a photovoltaic farm - for the first time in Mexico. Fully charged batteries could power 30,000 households for one day.

More about the project:

"The introduction of BYD’s lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) ESS technology opens the door to a wide variety of applications at the residential, commercial, industrial and power grid level. These include investment deferral, frequency regulation, virtual power plants, emergency backup, peak shaving, load shifting and net-zero energy."

"By partnering with BYD, Pireos Capital will be able to offer for the first time in Mexico an integrated PV+ESS solution, with smart integration software capabilities, designed to maximize the environmental and economic benefits of renewable energy, minimizing the financial risks associated with multiple-vendor integration and energy storage technology."

BYD President Stella Li said:

“BYD is a pioneer in achieving zero emissions energy ecosystems, offering affordable solar power, reliable energy storage solutions and electrified transportation. Specifically, we have more than 24 years of experience in battery R&D and manufacturing, resulting in the largest power battery output capacity in the world,”

Manuel Vegara, CEO of Pireos Capital said:

“BYD and Pireos Capital have executed an industry-first partnership agreement to deploy 100 MWh ESS in Mexico. This is part of a larger two-year plan to deploy more than 240 MW of distributed generation and large-scale solar projects. We have created a specialized financial vehicle to finance the largest PV+ESS project pipeline in Mexico,”

Source: Green Car Congress

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