"Electric Revolution" is the first exhibit to ever exclusively showcase electric motorcycles.

We bikers have often been slow to adopt and embrace new technology on our humble steeds. Take the kick start, for example. The four wheeled equivalent would be a hand crank, which started being phased out of car production in the 1920's, whereas the kick start was still common on bikes into the 1980's.

Although Electric scooters have been common since the 1990's, it's only within the last decade that manufacturers such as Harley-Davidson (and possibly Triumph) have started looking seriously at replacing the classic internal combustion engine with an electric motor.

Inspired by the latest innovations, the Peterson Automotive Museum in Los Angeles is hosting a new exhibit showcasing 21 bikes that represent the forefront of electric motorcycles, in an exhibit sponsored by Harley-Davidson, who has provided three prototypes. The collection has a mixture of prototype, production, and race bikes from both custom builders and larger bike companies from across the world, including Italy, the U.S.A, and Sweden.

The Museum's executive director, Terry L. Karges, said that “As the transportation industry moves toward electric-powered vehicles, it is our responsibility as a museum to accurately represent this progression with our exhibits. Because of the growing popularity of e-bikes, we felt it was the right time to debut “Electric Revolution” and show our audience how these ultra-stylish and contemporary designs are pointing the way to the future.”

If you want to see this eclectic array of electric bikes, the exhibition opens on April 8th this year, and runs until November 2019. Tickets cost $16, more details are available here.

Source: Petersen.org

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