Here is where Tesla sent most of the Model 3s this past month in Europe

Further exploring Tesla Model 3 sales data in Western Europe, industry analyst Matthias Schmidt ( presents the registration numbers for 12 countries in February.

As we know from the previous reports, the Model 3 was the top-selling BEV (18.4% share), while Tesla was the top-selling BEV brand. In March, results should be much better, probably more than twice as high

As we can see from the chart, Germany and Norway are the top two markets by volume, followed by the Netherlands, France and Switzerland. There is a high correlation between countries with the highest number of registrations and highest number of orders.

February, as the first month of volume deliveries, was just a preview of what is happening as the numbers for Norway alone are already similar to all of Europe the past month, with a few days to go still.

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