The Lathrop facility building is mostly ready

Tesla's new 870,000 square-foot Lathrop facility about 70 miles east of the Fremont factory is expected to become a parts distribution center. Work there is progressing quickly. According to the latest Troopr1023's videos, the loading bay doors and AC are installed, so the next step would be to complete the inside.

"It looks like all that is left to do on this distribution center is to finish up the inside. The loading bay doors have been installed, along with all the glass windows and some air conditioners.Red car carrier big rigs can be seen at the Louise location to the north. All these car carriers were not present at the time of my last visit. The red carriers look brand new. Some factory finished Teslas can be seen on car carriers and being parked at Louise."

Car carriers ready for record deliveries

Additionally, and perhaps more exciting, there are around 100 Tesla car carriers (many new red ones). Furthermore, there are 40 brand new Tesla cars parked near the facility - check out two additional videos below. We guess these car carriers can deliver hundreds of Teslas each day.

From the video description:

"Lots of bright red and brand new looking car carriers are being stored at the Louise Avenue location in Lathrop. My last visit was approximately two months ago. At that time, there were a few car carriers being parked at this location. Now there are a lot more (approximately 100 total).Tesla cars with factory wrap can be seen on some of the car carriers, and other Tesla cars can be seen parked next to the car carriers. There are approximately 40 Tesla cars either on the car carriers or parked next to the car carriers.

I counted approximately 60 car carriers in the main parking lot, and about 36 car carriers (all red) in the smaller parking in the western corner parking lot."

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