More than 1,000 new charging points are to be installed within a few years

Singapore, as expected, confirmed that the official charging standard in the ASEAN city-state will be CCS Combo of the European version - Type 2 AC and Combo 2 for DC.

The CCS Combo 2 is expected to embrace the majority of the world (see map below).

"During the Electric Vehicle Asia Seminar in Singapore on March 12th – 13th, CharIN provided a well-received presentation on the need to provide a charging network that allows for seamless roaming between charging operators, encrypted payments that allow for Plug & Charge. CharIN was also able to show from data collected in different markets that a single charging standard is required for the successful development of the EV industry.

Singapore has meanwhile done just that: AC charging Type 2 & DC charging CCS Combo2 is the government approved charging standard for the city state."

Currently, two local companies - SP Group (Singapore Power Group) and RedDotPower intend to build charging networks in Singapore.

SP Group already installed 38 points (19 DC 50 kW, and 19 AC three-phase 43 kW) and plans to have over 1,000 by 2020 (including one-quarter od DC fast chargers, some up to 350 kW).

RedDotPower, on the other hand, set a goal of at least 200 charging points within three years.

Singapore Joins CCS Combo Charging Bandwagon
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