March and April could be epically big.

Tesla is already the top-selling BEV brand in Western Europe (see report for February) and the latest data provided by industry analyst Matthias Schmidt ( suggest that the Tesla Model 3 is the top-selling model.

In the last month, about 3,724 registrations of the Model 3 were counted, which is several hundred more than in the case of the second top car, the Renault ZOE. Biggest markets for Model 3 were Germany (959) and Norway (791).

This first month of volume deliveries in Western Europe brings the Model 3 share out of the total BEV market to 18.4%.

Taking into consideration that on sale were only the two top of the line versions and not in all markets and not even for the full month, March should be a Model 3 sales tsunami.

As we already reported, in Norway new Model 3 registrations exceeded 2,500 in the first 20 days, and now on March 22 approaches 3,000 (as of writing)! Total sales for Europe maybe will even exceed 10,000 per month.

Top five BEVs in Western Europe in February 2019:

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