Should you trade in that Tesla Model X for an all-new Model Y?

The folks over at What's Inside and What's Inside Family already own not one, but two Tesla Model X crossovers. Not to mention an original Tesla Roadster, plus a free 2020 Roadster on the way in the future. So, a Tesla Model Y has been on their radar for some time. Interestingly, Dan was one of the very first in line and entering the event, as he has a tendency to arrive early for these events. To top it off, he was almost immediately welcomed by Tesla YouTubers Ben Sullins, as well as Kim from Like Tesla.

As most of us that follow the segment well know, there was much speculation surrounding this sought-after event. According to Sullins, a Model S and Model X update were in order at the reveal. Meanwhile, Kim thought that Tesla would tease its all-electric pickup truck.

Even Marques Brownlee (MKBHD) expected an announcement of Model S and X updates. Unfortunately, while many of us expected Tesla to either unveil or tease other model information, the event didn't play out as such. Instead, Tesla CEO Elon Musk spent most of his time talking Tesla history and accomplishments. Then, thereafter, he finally exposed the Tesla Model Y.

In the end, Dan says he won't trade in one of his Model X crossovers for the Model Y. While he sees great merit in the vehicle, it's just not going to suffice for his family and situation. While it offer seven seats, there's just no way to assure that reasonably sized passengers will be comfortable back there.

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