Tesla Model Y Long-Range is one and a half away from today.

The recently unveiled Tesla Model Y seems to be well received but - as you can see in this CNBC video - there are some who are disappointed by the roll out plan.

Garrett Nelson, senior analyst at CFRA Research said that it was expected that production/deliveries of Model Y would start in H1 2020, but with an official launch date of Fall 2020, there could be an entire lineup of competitors by then.

The problem is in timing, especially sinceĀ Tesla usually has some delays and the rollout might not necessarily transition smoothly into volume deliveries. On the other hand, competitors also are not immune to the problems (just to name a few with launch delivery issues - Audi e-tron, Jaguar I-PACE or Hyundai Kona Electric/Kia Niro EV).

The truth is that as more electric car models enter the market, the less space is between them. Times of easy market conquest seen in the Tesla Model S era are in the past. In the next decade, there will be multiple models in each segment, so manufacturers will need to compete directly with each other. Tesla Model Y will need to beat at least several other models.

The other problem with timing is that Tesla will not have any federal tax credit when the Model Y hits the market, but let's hope that the high scale of production and strong performance will it enable to succeed.

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