How does the Model 3 perform on ice?

Well, that depends on the tire selection mostly. This particular Tesla Model 3 Performance has fitted to it some proper Hakkapeliitta 9 studded tires. Therefore, grip shouldn't be that big of an issue.

Portions of the video are captured via drone, which allows us to see the slides here and there. However, the Model 3 owner notes that without Track Mode, the stability control steps in too early and spoils some of the sliding fun.

Regardless, it still seems like it's loads of fun to get out on the ice for some frozen racing excitement. Furthermore, the in-car views provide you with a sense of speed and the chase. Perhaps this could turn into a proper EV racing event? EVs on ice. Has a certain ironic ring to it and we'd be down with giving it a go. Where do we sign up?

Video description:

Last weekend had a chance to get out on Warner Lake in Berne, NY for AMEC round #4 of 2019 ice racing season. Running on Hakkapeliitta 9 studded tires.

It was great fun! The Model 3 performed well, only wished I had the big brakes package so that I could use Track Mode, as the default stability control was kicking in mid-corner, which spoiled the fun a bit.

Tesla claims Track Mode will be available to non-PUP Performance models sometime in the future but so far no cigar. Also, there is no way to purchase the bigger brakes package from Tesla currently, so those owners in my situations are kinda stuck until Tesla does one of the two aforementioned:

  • Releases track mode to non-PUP performance models
  • Offers the big brake package for purchase

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