If it saves money, we expect more joint infrastructure projects from Tesla and other cities.

The Pasadena City Council recently approved an agreement between the city and Tesla to jointly build one of the largest fast-charging stations in the U.S.

The site is located on the roof level of the Marengo parking garage at 155 E. Green St and consists of the following:

  • 24 Superchargers
  • 20 non-Tesla fast chargers (probably CCS Combo and CHAdeMO)
Tesla will pay for the Superchargers and will be pre-wiring for additional non-Tesla fast chargers so that Pasadena Water and Power will be able to install 20 chargers saving $140,000 in capital costs. Sounds smart to us.

For Pasadena, the deal will be a big improvement, as reportedly there is just single DC fast charger available in the city.

Time will tell how useful and convenient it will be by having such a big station on the roof.

"Joel Levin, executive director of Plug-In America, an L.A-based group advocating for more public plugs, said Tesla and Pasadena are creating a new model by locating so many chargers in one site in an urban setting. This will benefit not just retailers but EV owners who live in downtown condos and townhomes and do not have charging stations at home.“This is a new model. Putting in charging station groupings in denser areas for people with longer-range vehicles who live in apartments,” Levin said on Monday. “They can charge there once a week and they are good. It is really cutting edge.”"

10 largest Supercharging stations globally are:

  • 50 stalls (three in China)
  • 44 stalls (one in Norway)
  • 42 stalls (one in Norway)
  • 40 stalls (five in U.S.)

Source: pasadenastarnews.com, supercharge.info